Learn the Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water daily

Want more energy, clearer skin, and lower blood pressure?

Coconut water is packed with nutrients that offer a multitude of health benefits seldom found in other liquids. Not only can you drink them, these tropical fruits can be used in cooking many delicious dishes and desserts. With each delivery we can cut them so they are easily opened by you when you need to make a snack or have a refreshing drink. We recommend that they be refrigerated and be eaten within two weeks of purchase.


Enjoy the benefits and convenience of having Sweet Young Thai Coconuts delivered right to your home, office, or event.

Cutting, Branding, and Catering Options

We can deliver one case of coconuts, or one thousand coconuts, or any quantity in between!

We can deliver coconuts cut Straw-Ready or cut Cocktail-Ready. We also deliver coconuts whole uncut for commercial accounts and private home deliveries.

We offer custom hot branding or custom ink branding of your logo or design onto white-husked sweet young Thai coconuts. Branding artwork setup must be done in advance of your event date to give us time to do your branding.

We offer a choice of full catering, buffet table setup, or drop-off delivery. Full catering includes cutting coconuts open after guests drink the coconut water so guests can eat the coconut meat.

Biodegradable straws are included with every order.

We Love Weddings and Baby Showers!

We love catering coconuts for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, anniversary parties, and any other occasion, from small private parties to large events.

We specialize in Hindu wedding ceremonies.

We Cater Large Corporate Events and Parties

We offer White Labeling for Your Business

Help promote your business with one of the healthiest trends! Sweet coconuts and coconut water. We can custom brand your logo on white-husked sweet young Thai coconuts using hot branding or food-grade inks.

We can deliver any quantity from one dozen coconuts to one thousand coconuts for your event.

Smart Work Perks Delivery Service

Offer your employees a boost in the busy work day with Coconut Water. Help your team work harder and smarter with a vitamin rich drink full of antioxidants and electrolytes. Drinking Coconut Water promotes a healthy lifestyle in your workplace. It is a healthy alternative to caffeine or energy drinks.

Commercial Accounts Welcome

Hotels, Restaurants, Health Food Stores, Yoga Studios, and your company too

Any business that re-sells the coconuts is welcome to open a commercial account with us. Coconuts sold at wholesale prices will have your logo branded on the face of the coconuts and our logo branded on the bottom.

Free Delivery within West Side Los Angeles area

We offer free delivery from Santa Monica west to Cross Creek in Malibu, south to El Segundo and Hawthorne, north to Sherman Oaks and Encino, and east to Downtown LA.

We deliver to further locations for a fee, and routinely travel as far as Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Palm Springs.

For large events at distant locations, we are willing to travel if you will cover expenses. For smaller quantities, ask us about shipping your order of custom branded coconuts anywhere within the lower 48 mainland states.

We are a Green Business

We provide biodegradable straws with every order!