Catering Choices

Full Catering

Full Catering Service during your event includes Buffet Table Setup, serving, and cleanup. Serving includes cutting coconuts open after guests drink the coconut water, so guests can eat the meat inside.

Cutting the coconuts is a great activation for any event, and we have liability insurance for this service. We can provide a Certificate of Liability (COI) on advance request at no charge. Many hotels and restaurants require this if we will be cutting coconuts during your event.

Guests will need spoons to eat the coconut meat. We provide biodegradable straws, but we do not provide spoons.

If needed, we can provide a buffet table and linen for a rental fee with orders that include full catering. Full catering includes serving until all coconuts are gone, generally 2 hours, and then we will remove our table during cleanup.

Buffet Table Setup

Buffet Table Setup includes unwrapping, opening, and stacking your coconuts into a nice arrangement, and placing straws and any decorations you provide, such as flowers or tiny umbrellas.

We do not provide a buffet table for orders that do not include full catering, because we leave after buffet table setup is complete. Most venues can provide an extra buffet table and linen on your request.

Drop-Off Delivery

There is no catering fee for drop-off delivery, but if your delivery address is outside of our free delivery area, there will be a delivery fee based on mileage.

We deliver coconuts for all kinds of private parties and corporate events

  • Weddings ~ We Love Weddings!
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
  • Baby Showers and Baby Gender Reveal Parties
  • Birthday and Anniversary Parties
  • Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs
  • Graduation Parties and Retirement Parties
  • College Reunions and Family Reunions
  • Corporate Promo Events
  • Conventions, Trade Shows and Exhibitions
  • Employee Appreciation Events
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Grand Opening Ceremonies and Launch Parties
  • Premiere Film Screenings and Album Release Parties
  • Festivals and Fairs such as Coachella and Bhakti Fest
  • Sporting Events ~ Coconut Water is excellent for re-hydration!
  • Holiday Parties ~ Cinco de Mayo, 4th of July, Labor Day
  • Fundraising Events

Cut Choices

We offer two different cuts, and we also offer whole uncut coconuts for home deliveries and commercial accounts.

Cut Straw-Ready

This is the most popular cut. The coconut water remains hermetically sealed inside the intact coconut meat, allowing pre-cut coconuts to stay fresh for up to two weeks under continuous refrigeration, and allowing for easy removal of the top of the shell just before serving.

Cut Cocktail-Ready

This is a deeper wide-mouth cut that allows the branded or unbranded coconut shells to be easily filled with cocktails or other beverages. This cut requires draining the coconut water at the time coconuts are cut.

The coconut water yielded from your coconuts can be delivered separately in new containers. You may choose to purchase all of it, some of it, or none of it. Some tropical cocktail recipes include coconut water as an ingredient, and others don’t.

We recommend purchasing at least a couple gallons to offer as a non-alcoholic beverage choice.

Branding Choices

We offer two branding options, in addition to natural unbranded coconuts.

Custom Hot Branding

Hot branding is the highest quality, and allows for finer detail in the logo or artwork. Hot branding is always a light brown to dark brown color because it’s burnt into the coconut.

File Specifications

We need your artwork file to be in a vector file format or very high resolution:

  • The maximum printable area on the side of a coconut is 2.5 inches high by 4.5 inches wide.
  • The artwork needs to be in black/white, where black indicates areas to be burnt.
  • Vector files are the preferred artwork formats (Illustrator, Inkscape): .ai .eps .dxf .dwg .svg
  • These formats are also acceptable in very high resolution: .jpg .pdf .psd .png .tif .bmp

For custom hot branding, we need your artwork file three weeks in advance of your event date to allow time for any artwork adjustments while avoiding rush fees. Branding artwork setup for custom hot branding can be done with less lead time if your budget allows for a rush fee (less than 10 business days lead time) or super-rush fee (less than five business days lead time).

Personal Branding - Baby Shower

Custom Ink Branding

Custom Ink Branding allows for colors other than brown. Choose from purple, blue, green, red, or black. These are the only colors available because we use quick-drying inks that are FDA-approved for food labeling, and we guarantee these inks not to smear onto people’s hands or clothing.

If you need to match logo colors for a photo shoot with your logo on branded coconuts, we can use other inks, but we cannot guarantee the ink will not smear and damage clothing or other items, and we will ask you to sign a liability waiver.

File Specifications

For best quality, we need your artwork file in very high resolution:

  • The maximum printable area on the side of a coconut is 2.5 inches high by 4.5 inches wide.
  • The artwork needs to be in black/white, where black indicates areas to be inked.
  • These formats are best for ink branding artwork setup: .jpg .png .pdf

For custom ink branding, we need your artwork file one week in advance of your event date.

Graphic Design

We do not generally provide graphic design services, but if you see a design you like in our photo gallery, we might have it on file and be able to change the names for a graphic design fee.

Custom Branding for Commercial Wholesale Accounts

We provide custom hot branding for hotels, restaurants, yoga studios, nightclubs, and any other venue that requests this service and will be re-selling the coconuts.

For wholesale accounts, we brand your logo on the face of the coconut and our logo on the bottom.

We deliver whole uncut coconuts so that they will maintain freshness until time of serving, and we ask that your staff make sure to rotate product with each delivery.

We will train one of your staff to open coconuts with a Coco Jack.

Free Delivery to West Side LA County

Free Delivery Service within west side Los Angeles County:

From Santa Monica west to Pacific Palisades, Topanga, and Malibu as far as Cross Creek, east to Brentwood, Westwood, Century City, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Culver City, West Los Angeles, and Downtown Los Angeles, north to Bel Air, Sherman Oaks and Encino, and south to Venice, Marina Del Rey, Westchester, Inglewood, El Segundo and Hawthorne.

Further delivery locations will incur a delivery fee based on mileage. We may waive the delivery fee for large quantity orders, depending on location.

We routinely deliver as far as San Diego, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara. Those distances always incur a delivery fee.

We can deliver custom branded coconuts to Catalina or further locations if travel expenses are covered, including ferry or airfare, lodging, and vehicle rental.

Coconut Man LA will deliver to any venue

  • Your Home
  • Your Office
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Nightclubs
  • Film Production Sets
  • Photo Shoot Locations
  • Banquet Halls
  • Convention Centers
  • Community Centers
  • Schools and Churches
  • Festival Grounds
  • Public Parks and Beaches
  • Rooftops

Shipping Small Orders to Distant Locations

For large events, it might be within your budget to cover our travel to your event, even if out of state. For smaller quantities, it is more cost effective for us to ship your order of custom branded coconuts.

We can ship whole uncut coconuts or coconuts that have been cut Cocktail-Ready and drained. We cannot ship coconuts cut Straw-Ready because they would burst and leak during air transport. Coconuts are shipped individually wrapped and covered in dry ice to maintain freshness.

The day of the week of your event is crucial in determining shipping service. If we ship first thing on Monday morning, US Postal Service Priority Mail will guarantee delivery in time for a Thursday event starting 5 pm or later. If your event is scheduled for earlier in the week, US Postal Service Express Mail or FedEx will be required, and will cost quite a bit more. If coconuts must be delivered before the day of your event, you should arrange for refrigeration until serving day and time.

To give you an accurate shipping quote, we need your delivery zip code and an exact count of coconuts to estimate the package size and weight.

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